How to Glow Up!| Improving Your Life This 2018


Okay now, I’m no beautician and I myself need a little bit of glowing up to do. However, I can tell you very confidently that I’ve had a fair share of omg-would-you-look-at-this-melanin-goddess moments of self-love. After high school, I really prayed for a major glow-up. I mean a did-she-just-descend-from-the-heavens kind of glow up. You know, one that will hit all those who knew me in my ugly duckling years. Hold on though, I think I’ve had the best of both the worlds of the ugly and that of the gorgeous. 

Before I start, you know beauty and ugliness are all social constructs, right? And that all these standards society has set for us shouldn’t make us who we aren’t, yeah? And that you can be whoever the fuck you want to be, no? Before I went to uni, I watched zillions of YouTube videos to learn how to look perfect so that I can stunt on the haters tihi. And let me tell you that I had good days, really good days. Heck, there were also bad days, bad days I wouldn’t like to look back on. All I’m basically saying is that the key to glo’n up is to be willing to maintain the glow up. You have to be willing to dedicate yourself to all these self-care methods I’m about to give you. Consistency is key, ladies and gentlemen. Also, perfection is a myth

If you are willing, say…

I *insert your name* am willing to take the bold step to improve in all aspects of my life. Be it physically, mentally and emotionally for my own good to make me a better me for me. And I will

If you’ve said the glow up pledge I just made, congratulations you’re one step closer to achieving your goals, babes. Remember I spoke about three aspects of glowing up in my pledge? If not, let me briefly summarize the aspects of glow up for you. They are the physical, emotional and mental aspects.

Today I’m going to be tackling the physical aspect and this has to do with  your appearance. The way you look is very important if you want to make a good impression on the people you’ll meet around you. It’s good to dress neatly and appropriately for the right occasions. You don’t want people thinking you’re lazy and immature just by looking at you because believe it or not, your appearance matters. You can’t be wearing a long robe at a poolside party in the name of being yourself. Or say sweatpants and sneakers to an exclusive dinner. If appearance wasn’t really important, shows like ‘How Do I Look?’ won’t exist. So now, how do you work on your appearance? Good question.


Personal hygiene is very necessary to blossom into the royalty you truly are. Take your baths daily, brush your teeth, use your deodorant and perfume. Look and smell neat and nice always, hunny.

Get and wear the right clothes for the right seasons. You should get signature clothes that represent you too. Purchase clothes that make you comfortable and happy. Also pay attention to clothes for dinners and other occasions and events so you can dress accordingly. Let your wardrobe be a positive reflection of who you are!


Taking care of your skin is one thing we can’t leave out. If you take good care of your skin, you’ll literally glow and radiate positivity just by having clear skin really. Drink water, eat healthy food, make sure you exercise, use your body lotion after bathing, see a dermatologist if you have any skin conditions, take care of your skin, friends.  If you have a dry skin, get the proper moisturizers for you. Sleeeep. Get enough rest, sleep is good for the skin.


Making sure you look attractive is not just superficial. It can boost your self-esteem and help you socialize, I’m talking from experience. If you feel you’re ugly, it’s easy to have anxiety attacks from the mere thought of socializing with others. How do you take care of your face?

* Don’t touch your face! 

Even if aliens have kidnapped you and all they ask is that you touch your face. Be a good soldier and remember your glow up pledge and scream no whilst throwing your arms about. Especially your pimples, don’t pop them. I repeat, don’t pop your pimples. Leave that zit alone, soldier.

* Remember to trim your eyebrows regularly
Some people do not realize that your eyebrows make a huge difference. You can go from a tired traveller to a gorgeous model just by picking those tweezers and plucking away. Be careful with whatever you decide to use, fellas. It’s advisable to let a professional trim your eyebrows or teach you how to.

* Make sure your lips aren’t dry and cracked
You don’t need me to tell you dry and cracked lips aren’t attractive. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm or lip glosses. Go for whatever suits you. Just keep those lips moist.

A clear face + trimmed eyebrows + moist lips is a good start for the glowww.


There can’t be an improved you if your hair is unkempt. Keep your hair tidy and even if you want to give it a messy look, you can let it be a clean messy look, you know? Messy buns are now innn so you can rock that. Otherwise let your hair look clean, healthy and well-kept.


Your nails influence how you look. I can’t emphasize this enough. Keep your nails clean and well filed; that is, if you don’t like to polish them. If you love to play with nail polish, please do. Let your creativity loose and feel free. Great nails complement your overall look, guys. 


How about you top this with a signature scent? Get your own smell, for you, alone. Something sweet and subtle will be a good idea. You can do this by mixing your favorite perfumes so that you can get your distinct scent. Have you had someone tell you a sweet smell reminded them of you? If no, here’s the time to start working on your own potion, my friend.


What is beautiful appearance on a sick body? Good health is the best improvement you can bring to yourself. Exercise, my loves, burn those calories. Keep your heart pumping! A healthy body gives birth to a wealthy mind.


Make up accentuates your best features. It can double your glow and boost your confidence by from 0 to a 100%. Don’t hesitate to play around with the brushes, foundations, concealers and whatnot to find a look that suits you.

I’m not telling you that a glow-up is easy but it is definitely worth it. Earn the respect of those around you by becoming a better version of yourself for yourself. All these go hand in hand to bring you the physical improvement you crave. I hope you found this helpful.

Have a great day!


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