Africa is all the bad things you say it is| Photos by J. Adoosey

When Trump was said to have referred to African countries as shithole countries, many Africans agreed with him. So many Ghanaians on twitter were quick to run their mouths about how terrible living conditions in Ghana are. Some went to the extent of attacking well-meaning Ghanaians who wanted to go against the stereotype and show the positive part of Africa that the foreign media refuses to show. Okay, maybe it’s true.

It’s true that there’s a lot of corruption in our country, and the gap between the rich and the poor keeps getting wider. It’s true that we have a huge problem when it comes to sanitation, and that our streets and gutters are littered and smell like 3 day old fart. It’s true that the government only focuses on developing the cities, so our rural towns have looked the exact same way since the British left us. It’s true that some towns have no access to electricity, and drinking clean water is a privilege more than a right to local people who share their water bodies with cows and other livestock. It’s true that even in the cities there are people who can’t afford a single meal, and eating three times daily is a dream which may never come true for them. It’s true that our health facilities are few, and falling sick is a luxury for those who can afford it. It’s true that we have policemen who will gladly refuse to arrest accused people because, ‘the police car has no fuel in it’. It’s true that we have politicians who will beg the Western and Eastern worlds for money only to fill their pockets, stomachs and the Gucci handbags of their mistresses. Do I need to continue? So oh yes, Africa is all the bad things you say it is.

But take your time o, I hope you remember that there are people abroad who think we live on trees, and dance naked with wild animals in the moonlight? There are people who think that we all sleep to the lullabies of the sound of bullets and wake up to the sight of dead bodies being consumed by vultures. There are people who think we bathe in AIDS and brush our teeth with Malaria. There are people who think that we are barbaric, uncouth and disgusting creatures from a very far away land. There are people who think the conflict in South Sudan means that Ghana is unsafe. There are people who cry at the knowledge of the fact that a loved one is visiting Africa, regardless of the country. Because Africa is doomed, a dark world, a land of no return, a free-trial of hell on earth. Do you accept this?

So allow those of us who want to prove the stereotypes wrong. Allow those of us who want to say that yes Africa is all the bad things you say it is but there’s another side of story. Allow us to tell the West and East to move on to the next chapter of our story. And to turn to page The Africa The Media Refuses to Show You. To look at our breathtaking landscapes and tourist sites, our beautiful arts and culture. To look at our educated professionals bringing change one heavy step at a time. To look at our hardworking women and our brave and fearless men. To look at our beautiful children who are the hope of a difficult tomorrow. To ask, “Have you seen our clothes, organic beauty products, baskets, jewelry, dances, pots, sculptures, architecture, wine and food?” To say that, “These represent the sweat of the toiling African.” So allow those of us who believe we are better than our problems. Allow us to think.

Here is Ghana through the lens of J. Adoosey.

He’s a talented young photographer. Follow his twitter for more


15 thoughts on “Africa is all the bad things you say it is| Photos by J. Adoosey

  1. Me On Focus says:

    I love your post and love the pictures! Your country is amazing! All the countries have their good and bad but this doesn’t give the right to people say such things… I won’t coment about Trump for him all the countries are shitholes but his… Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. graciechick says:

    I think it’s great to read about Africa from your perspective! Brilliant photos – they really brought this post alive. As a girl from the UK reading this it really hits home about the realities people in your continent face. People criticise Trump but, although he may not have the right intentions, perhaps he is speaking the truth and more people need to wake up and see that.

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  3. hermann ehlers says:

    interessanter artikel, vergessen wir trump. wir sagen in deutschland kehre vor der eigenen tür.
    ich war 2015,2016 und 2017 als tourist in ghana, in einem dorf nahe berekum. überwältigt war ich über das “empfangskomitee” der kinder. sie sind übe mich hergefallen, war der einzige weisse. nase, ohren mund hände angefasst, es war eine reine freude. das stelle man sich mal in umgekehrter reihenfolge vorstellen. niemals werden farbige leute hier so herzlich begrüsst. auch sonst waren die erwachsenen auch sehr nett, handshakes und die fragen wie heisst du, woher bist du.
    natürlich habe ich auch die korruption kennengelern, die gibt es in jedem land. bei uns nur auf höherer ebene( politiker, konzerchefs usw. in ghana wie wohl ganz afrika gibt es die korruption viel mehr auf der unteren ebene. jeder weiss, wenn ich dem anderen nicht mehr gebe als es wirklich kostet, kann er seine familie nicht ernähren. die lösung wäre natürlich die löhne und gehälter der arbeiter und arbeiter zu erhöhen, so dass es keiner korruption mehr bedarf.
    ich war gern in ghana und werde bestimmt wiederkommen.

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    • GirlfromGhana says:

      Hahaha, ich musste Google Translate benutzen. Alles, was du sagst, ergibt vollkommenen Sinn. Ghanaer sind gastfreundliche Menschen, die sich um Familienangehörige und Ausländer kümmern. Sie sind nett zu allen, unabhängig von der Farbe. Es ist traurig, dass es in anderen Ländern nicht so ist. Rassismus ist eine schreckliche Sache.

      Anstatt die Führer zu bitten, die Arbeiter gut zu bezahlen, behalten sie das Geld für sich. Sie interessieren sich nicht für die Armen. Dies macht arme Menschen korrupt. Andere sind einfach zu gierig, egal wie viel sie bezahlt werden.


  4. Alvin Akuamoah says:

    Lool problem is all the “this is the Africa they don’t show you” pictures – the ones people (including myself) are so “negative” about? They’re pictures of western luxuries … emphasis on western, that only a few people have or ever get to be a part of. Love the pictures here because they don’t pretend to be what they’re not. Everyday people, everyday situations. Yes the narrative shouldn’t always be Darkness, pain, problems, terror but the story should be a proper representation of who we are. And who we are is imperfect, but it can be damn beautiful sometimes. Yes there’s only one small clinic in Nyankpanduri but it’s being run by a doctor who sacrificed so much, quit everything so he could provide proper healthcare to his people – cue pictures of smiling patients and smiling doctor. Our government pays zero attention to the tourism sector, there is no signpost leading to Aburi gardens and google maps will take you to some long dirt road that will literally scare the bajezuz out of you, but read that sentence again, we have google maps 😂 – cue pictures of teenagers on a road trip taking pictures, laughing, tweeting complaints to the government, starting petitions etc

    Our story is not all ugly, it’s not al beautiful either. Emphasis on selling our best points, yes, because it is what is necessary but Good intentions are one thing, executing them properly, that’s another.

    I reiterate: Love this post, especially the unpretentious pictures. Awesome read. Top list favorite for a reason ❤️

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  5. Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah says:

    👏👏👏👏 hahah Excellent Adoma. Yes we might be shit hole but a different type of shit hole. I like that Africa is rising and I seriously hope the mentality of our people in Africa changes because the reason we’re so backward and Trump can call us shitholes is we haven’t recovered from the lie of colonialism which is whites are better than us. I hope Trump lives to see the day the shithole becomes heaven

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