Because being skinny is not any easier


‘I’m beautiful because Mama says so,’ I exhale staring at the black near-anorexic image in the mirror and tie my braids in a bun. Maybe if I keep repeating that, I’ll eventually believe it. Suddenly, it dawns on me that Kwenin is waiting in the driveway so I hurry up and meet him with a hug, not too tight. He doesn’t stop babbling about Kafui’s new instagram picture. All his comments are like little needles pricking my healing wound. ‘She’s thick and curvy and everything I can’t be,’ I concede. Continue reading


How to Glow Up!| Improving Your Life This 2018


Okay now, I’m no beautician and I myself need a little bit of glowing up to do. However, I can tell you very confidently that I’ve had a fair share of omg-would-you-look-at-this-melanin-goddess moments of self-love. After high school, I really prayed for a major glow-up. I mean a did-she-just-descend-from-the-heavens kind of glow up. You know, one that will hit all those who knew me in my ugly duckling years. Hold on though, I think I’ve had the best of both the worlds of the ugly and that of the gorgeous. 

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RESPECT PEOPLE’S PERSONAL SPACES|Sexual Harassment+My experience

touching fingers.jpg

Ugh a part of me really doesn’t want to do this. Another part of me is cheering me on with some heated jama. And then there’s a little part of me that is spectating and cringing as I continue to type. This is going to be a bit long but I promise it will be interesting. Anywayyyy, I’m doing this so cheers!

I’m actually uncomfortable typing this because of some personal experience I have to share. Since sexual abuse and harassment are very serious and sensitive topics, I’m going to try to relax the atmosphere because my blog is where you come to chill. There’s no uptight-ness on this side. Tsk Continue reading

A Ghanaian snack and a pinch of inspiration|Coconut chips review


Hello fellow citizens of earth! *cringe*

So I went to the Accra mall with my mum to buy a couple of things because a kind soul gave her a gift voucher last December. And as the old saying goes, ‘The fact that you have a gift voucher shouldn’t force you to visit the store. You just need to wait till it’s convenient for you.’ Therefore, my mum waited until she needed to visit my grandma then passed by the mall to utilize her gift voucher since it’s on the way to my Nana’s house. I just made the saying up but you get the drift, right?

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I thought I was going to die| Life Update: Part 1

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not going to apologize and give excuses as usual. Here’s the first part of a series I’m going to start to update you on what’s been happening to me.

I’m sure the title made you worried. If it did, thanks for caring. If it didn’t, that’s okay. Anyway, I’m also sure this is going to be old news for my Ghanaian readers. For other readers, sit back and get comfortable because I’m going to give you all the gists from the inside, yep yep.

Comfortable? Here we go…

So it was a normal Saturday like all other Saturdays. I was in my bed in my hostel room using my phone as usual when we all heard it. I don’t know how to describe the sound. I think it was a loud BANG! And then darkness followed, I kid you not. My roommate, Maygrace, was in the upper bunk of our bed when she started whispering my name.



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Life update: Trying weed?



Hello guys,

It’s been a while since I gave you updates on what’s happening in ya girl’s world. I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to start from. I’m sure you’re itching to know why the hell I included ‘weed’ in my title. Well, I got high. Twice.

Now hold your horses, people. It was totally unintentional. Let me tell you about how the first one happened. Continue reading

Call to bloggers! A virtual blogger meet-up!! 🍕🍕

How’s everyone?

I’m looking for more bloggers to follow. I’m talking about personal bloggers in their late teens. I’m looking for bloggers like me! Just in case you don’t know, I’ll be turning 19 soon!🎉 The date is the 27th of this month. Don’t forget. 😉 And all I want from the blogosphere is more blogger friends like me! So, if you know any blogger who is around my age, you know, maybe 17/18/19/20 years, please leave their links down below.  If you fall within the criteria I’ve mentioned, introduce yourself and let’s start a conversation! If you’re not in your late teens, that’s okay. You can also join the conversation. 🙂 Hold up, everyone is invited actually. Continue reading

Photoshoot with my little brother

My mother and her siblings are building a little house for my grandma so once a while we visit the site. It’s just to see how the work is going, you know. Yesterday we did the usual inspection and my little brother and I had a mini photoshoot. Actually, it was my idea. Of course

Anyway, I had a lot of fun. For the first time, I’m actually happy with how the pictures turned out. So here are the photos we took.

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To my blue bird (Poem)

blue bird

It’s beautiful the way you kiss and hold me tight

It’s beautiful the way you apologise first after every fight

Sometimes i wish i could give you more than all of me

Maybe in future i’ll buy you the world, just wait and see

Blue bird blue bird how much do you love me?

Blue bird blue bird how far will you go for me?

Tell me stories, cry to me, open up and let me see you

Boy, don’t worry don’t be sorry

I’l still love you through and through

(c) Nana Adoma Asare Adei

My music favourites|Ghanaian songs + New artistes

I’m writing this with all my heart. These Ghanaian artistes are working hard and doing amazing. These people deserve to be heard! They are huge stars in the making. You should be grateful to me for this post because in future when they are big you too can say that “I knew them when they started out small”. Trust me, that’s a great privilege because I’m talking big WORLDWIDE.

Without further ado, let me bless your ears and most importantly your hearts with these great songs. These are my personal favorite songs by my personal favorite new artistes.  Continue reading

If People Were Views…



If people were views, my friends would be breathtaking. They’d be cliffs overlooking black oceans, light going through frozen glass waves. I could get to know forest fires, have conversations with constellations in the night sky, casually pass by green glaciers and hold hands with a city’s skyline at dusk.

I would want to be Merlot splattered over a tinted window, overlooking shadowed skies. I envision myself as a bunch of wildflowers, slightly crushed, tilted in a tall vase. A pool of water gathered at the top of a marbled boulder, or boot tracks in soft dirt, nearly hidden by bejeweled foliage, leading the way to an adventure, or dust filtering lazily through multicolored fractions of sun in front of glass stained windows.

But I am none of those. I’m the moon, glowing cloud grey and eclipsed every so often, set against a background of inky velvet.

Hey there lovely…

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