Because being skinny is not any easier


‘I’m beautiful because Mama says so,’ I exhale staring at the black near-anorexic image in the mirror and tie my braids in a bun. Maybe if I keep repeating that, I’ll eventually believe it. Suddenly, it dawns on me that Kwenin is waiting in the driveway so I hurry up and meet him with a hug, not too tight. He doesn’t stop babbling about Kafui’s new instagram picture. All his comments are like little needles pricking my healing wound. ‘She’s thick and curvy and everything I can’t be,’ I concede. Continue reading

Life update: |Deferring from Law to Journalism?

Guys, I’m at serious crossroads right now. Quite a lot has happened to me even though I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything. So, I’ve been thinking about deferring my course. Studying law in the university of Ghana is not easy, at all. Sometimes, it’s like your results don’t reflect your hard work which is very discouraging. Since I’m not entirely sure I want to be a lawyer by profession, I feel like I’m just wasting my time. Without enough interest in the course, studying it is mentally, emotionally and physically draining. Admissions into the Ghana Institute of Journalism have been finalized so I’ll have to wait until next year to apply which will mean that I’m going to be 2 years behind my friends. I don’t really care though. So I have to decide what to do… Continue reading

Gentleman Owl + (Diy crop top & Photos)

Ignore the title, it’s not deep and obviously makes no sense. It’s just in reference to my former T-shirt. Today, I decided to have fun with some old clothes. I cut an old T-shirt into a crop top and it looks great. I tried to do same with my tank top and that was an epic fail but the T-shirt was just fab. I’m just going to show you some photos I took in my “Gentleman Owl” T-shirt, now crop top. This is all thanks to Pinterest! Peace x Continue reading

Anna Rezich |Short Story

It’s been five days since I last ate. Well, I drank one box of Kalyppo fruit juice each of the five days. So, technically, I’ve eaten something. (Sigh) You know what? It’s pretty tough being Ana in an African household. It’s difficult to calculate the amount of calories in Maame’s bankye ampesi and nkontomire stew. It’s absolutely impossible for me to know the calories contained in any of the meals Maame prepares, honestly. Typical Africans don’t know what calories are. (Pst, I mean, what insect is that?) Therefore, I make sure I eat nothing at all since I can’t measure the 100 calories required to be Ana. When my stomach keeps disturbing me with its judgmental growls, I throw in some Kalyppo fruit juice and that settles it. 

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A somehow conservative african christian’s take on homosexuality| Should I befriend gay people?


Ever since I was a child, I was taught that homosexuality is a terrible sin. It is disgusting and plain evil. It is so evil that God destroyed the whole city of Sodom for practising it. I had heard stories of how young people in single sex boarding schools engaged in homosexuality. I had heard of how seniors lured juniors into becoming homosexuals under the pretense of taking care of them and being their school fathers and mothers. I heard nasty stories of how girls used unriped bananas as dildos to engage in nasty lesbian sex. I too was disgusted and hoped to God that I don’t fall into temptation. I didn’t.

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Dua Lipa – New Rules

Omggggg. I’m so excited to do this. I’m like a week late but better late than never, no? This is my new favorite song by my new favorite artist. DUA LIPAAA!!!

From Lost in your light to Scared to be Lonely to thissss.

Guys, have you seen the video? Have you seen the video? Have you seen the video?? Liikkeee I can’t. Talk about Diversity and Creativity and Talent!! Don’t even let me go into the lyrics. This is for all my ladies in toxic relationships. Get your rules and count them sis! (Refer to song)

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Life Update (400 followers) + Gist on Crazy Idea

I have a new name now and that is Kyerekuah. Because I’m called Adoma I get this name in addition to my name. For example, if you’re called Serwaa you get the additional name Akoto. That’s how it works in Akan, my tribe. The additional name is what we call Mmrane. So all additional names are Mmrane, appellation. I just found out that Adoma’s Mmrane is Kyerekuah and that is such a beautiful name. I wish I could record it for you to hear.

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Reviewing my dad’s book! (Close Enemies by Asare Adei)

Hello guys,
For those of you who don’t know, my dad is a writer and publisher. So now you know where I get all my *cough* amazing *cough* writing skills from. Today, I’m gonna do a review of one of his books. (And all shall say Amen)
Note: My review won’t be affected by my close relationship with my father whatsoever. This is my real and honest opinion about his book.

With that settled, let’s get on with the review…

Book: Close Enemies

Author: Asare Adei

Personal rating: 4 stars Continue reading