1. Bond with God
  2. Write a story before the end of 2019
  3. Become a professional blogger
  4. Learn to swim
  5. Get a good law degree
  6. Learn sign language
  7. Make friends from 5 other African countries
  8. Eat nachos
  9. Volunteer at a children’s hospital
  10. Meet the President
  11. Paraglide
  12. Surf in Ghana
  13. Read a queer book
  14. Sleep in a hut
  15. Swim in a river
  16. Carve a pot
  17. Carve an akuaba doll
  18. Go scuba diving
  19. Horse back ride
  20. Horse back ride on the beach
  21. Hold a monkey
  22. Milk a cow
  23. Witness a solar eclipse
  24. Be a bridesmaid
  25. Make a YouTube video
  26. Take pictures in a photobooth
  27. Be on a TV show
  28. Be on a radio show
  29. Design a room
  30. Have my article published in a newspaper
  31. Dye my hair
  32. Get a complete makeover
  33. Get a fish pedicure
  34. Learn how to do my own makeup
  35. Sleep in an igloo
  36. Take my Daddy and Grandma to Isreal
  37. Take my Mummy to Hawaii
  38. Take my little brothers to Singapore
  39. Play a harp
  40. Watch an Opera
  41. Go to Hollywood
  42. Own at least five children’s homes each in the ten regions
  43. Be a self-made millionaire
  44. Fly a private jet
  45. Go on a cruize
  46. Swim with sea animals
  47. Climb three mountains
  48. Extract honey from a beehive
  49. Meet a superstar
  50. Watch a football match in a stadium in Ghana
  51. Have a photoshoot
  52. Marry a Mexican
  53. Help 1000 people before the end of the year
  54. Make passive income
  55. Invent something

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