English words with meanings you never expected! |Urban Ghana

Here are some very simple English words with meanings you didn’t think they’ll ever have. This is Urban Ghanaian diction. These are also some very interesting Ghanaian teenage slangs. Enjoy.
1. Cut

Normally, to cut means…

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Suicide is a crime in Ghana! Mental Health Awareness Week


Hey guys,

Today, I’m going to be discussing mental health in Ghana. This is some sort of tag by the blog, The Indian Avaaz and I was happy when Gracie tagged me to do this special post to help create awareness about mental health. Honestly, I know very little about mental health. This is because it is not something that is taken very seriously where I come from. Until you’re walking down the streets screaming and talking to yourself for no reason, you’re fine. Schizophrenia, Social anxiety, depression, ADHD, Multiple Personality Disoder, PTSD, OCDs are things I know very little about. Thanks to the internet and blogging, I’ve learnt quite a lot. But I still don’t think I’m in the right position to say much about Mental Health. I live in a country where some people think it’s okay to say “Who kills herself over a boy?” or “That’s not even serious enough to merit suicide.” or “She jumped from the fourth floor? That’s way cooler than the other girl who just hanged herself.” Continue reading

School Poetry-2: NO COFFIN NO GRAVE By Jared Angira


Hello poetry lovers!

So today I’m continuing my series. Yeah, the one where I share with you poems I studied in school, remember? No?

Okay today’s poem is an African poem! This was written by Jared Angira from Kenya. I honestly like this poem a lot because it literally pours out the frustrations of the African youth against corrupt politicians. The greatest setback of my dear continent is it’s leaders which is more than unfortunate. Anyway…

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My favourite old Ghanaian movies

old ghanaian movies

If you’re looking for something different when it comes to movies why don’t you try these? I’m not going to talk much about them. I’ll just describe them as briefly as I can and you determine if you’ll like to watch any.


deadly voyage.jpg

9 young men from Takoradi in Ghana stowaway in Ukranian ship. They are subjected to serious brutalities and only one survives. If you want something to cry about then here’s Deadly Voyage for you. Get submerged in an ocean of emotions with the characters in this movie. Let me give you a reason to cry harder, it’s based on a real life incident. So yes my dear, it all really happened. Continue reading

What the June 3rd disaster taught me.

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June 3rd 2.jpg

I was in class when we heard the news. I was in class with 35 other girls, some of whom had parents in Accra where the incident happened. Now it’s called the June 3rd disaster. Sometimes, being in boarding school can be a pain. We didn’t have access to the news except the bits and pieces we got from the newspapers that come in quite late. Our teachers were our only sources of information at the time. My English teacher showed the whole class pictures of the incident on her phone. We saw the numerous burnt cars which had people in them. We saw the charred bodies of people who were once aunties and uncles. We saw the black distorted Shell filling station with the cars and buses that went to take shelter there. We saw things that made some girls cry. Continue reading

Because being skinny is not any easier


‘I’m beautiful because Mama says so,’ I exhale staring at the black near-anorexic image in the mirror and tie my braids in a bun. Maybe if I keep repeating that, I’ll eventually believe it. Suddenly, it dawns on me that Kwenin is waiting in the driveway so I hurry up and meet him with a hug, not too tight. He doesn’t stop babbling about Kafui’s new instagram picture. All his comments are like little needles pricking my healing wound. ‘She’s thick and curvy and everything I can’t be,’ I concede. Continue reading

Pictures you should see☺(Saying goodbye to a royal)

Hey everyone! 

I’m going to show you images from the funeral of the Queen mother of the Asante land. You remember I told you I’m an Akan. I belong to the Akan tribe called Ashanti (corrupted name given to us by the Europeans).  Well I can’t be prouder about my culture.

Before I start, know that for Asantes funerals are a big deal! So the burial of the Queen mother herself is an even bigger deal. That’s why four days were set aside for her burial.

Here are some images I would like to share with you.


This is the chief of the Asante kingdom surrounded by his elders. He’s Nana Otumfuor Osei Tutu II. Just so you know, the swords they’re holding are made of pure gold. They’re wearing black because it’s a day of mourning (duhh) but on an ordinary day the Asantehene (Chief of the Asante kingdom) looks more like this

He’s clothed in pure gold and the royal cloth called kente. Continue reading