Pink or Blue poem by Hollie McNish 

Imagine Space but bigger and the Sea but deeper put together, that’s how wide and deep my love is for Hollie and poetry generally. I’m not even kidding.

Hollie McNish’s poems hit on serious issues. The way she speaks on big issues plainly; without fear of opposing views and hateful comments from ignorant people whatsoever is just amazing. After I watched her video, I knew I had to share it because wow. That’s spoken word goals right there, hunnies.

If I should ever put out a spoken word piece, I want it to be as good as hers. Or even better *cough*. I mean, way better than hers and that will be insaneee. She’s my spoken word sensei, really.

Hello, beautiful person reading this, I present to you (look above hehe) Pink or Blue by Hollie McNish. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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School Poetry-3: DINING TABLE By Gbanabom Hallowell


Hello people who are actually paying attention to my series,

I’m continuing with another African poem. This one is a sad one by Gbanabom Hallowell which tells the story of the eleven year old Sierra-Leonean war. Get yourself some tissues before reading because if you actually read it with your imaginative mind, you might cry. Continue reading

School Poetry-2: NO COFFIN NO GRAVE By Jared Angira


Hello poetry lovers!

So today I’m continuing my series. Yeah, the one where I share with you poems I studied in school, remember? No?

Okay today’s poem is an African poem! This was written by Jared Angira from Kenya. I honestly like this poem a lot because it literally pours out the frustrations of the African youth against corrupt politicians. The greatest setback of my dear continent is it’s leaders which is more than unfortunate. Anyway…

If you love sarcasm, here’s one for you Continue reading

Haikus against Racism

different races.jpg

I saw this first on Em‘s blog. Gracie, a fellow blogger, came up with this brilliant idea. She wants bloggers to compose haikus to campaign against racism. A haiku is a short three line poem with 5 syllables in the first as well as last lines and 7 syllables in the second line. Here’s mine and I entreat you to get involved too. 🙂

The colour of skin

Should not be the cause of war

Rather, of peace and joy

If I give you it all

This ended because I didn’t try

I was too scared to give you all of me

I can’t even trust myself, you see?

So I can’t just let us be

When I’m too scared of me


I couldn’t think of a title to give this. Any suggestion will be nice. I hope you like it and have a good day.

Fine anxiety


Fine, I’ll just walk away and pretend it never happened

Like I always do

I’ll just pretend that I haven’t spent days rehearsing to say hi

Like what I feel is not true

I’ll just will my head to stay focused on what’s much important

Like that’s not you

Maybe the tears in my eyes are washing for me a new beginning

Maybe the anxiety in my head will end with this writing

And then I wouldn’t be scared

And, yes, I’ll overcome this fear

I will talk to you

I wouldn’t walk away

When I’m so close to you

I wouldn’t run out of things to say

When I look at you

Oh yes, maybe one day I’ll say hello too

Because for someone with my anxiety

That’s the most I can do.

This is the second poem on my blog . I decided to do this after reading a response by flawed silence to an instagram tag. I was supposed to begin my poem with her last word ‘fine’. I hope you like it. And please it’s not based on a real experience. -_-